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Dartford's Specialist Residential Films

Dartford residents can upgrade the appearance of their home with our professional installation of residential window film.


Enhance the safety, environmental-friendliness, and comfort of your personal space with our expertly crafted residential window film. Our top-of-the-line product can be effortlessly applied onto your windows with a sleek adhesive layer, protecting your home from harsh sunlight and reducing glare, all while offering 99% protection against harmful UV rays.

With this window film, your Dartford home can maintain its privacy without compromising the view from within. It effectively blocks unwanted intrusion while preserving your ability to see out.

Interested in learning about the benefits of residential window film for your Dartford property? Contact Cannon Window Films at 01322 522382 and we will arrange a free no pressure, no obligation consultation at your convenience.

Save on energy costs

Residential window film provides an affordable solution for your Dartford home, as it not only keeps you cool in the summer but also prevents heat loss during winter. This double advantage can result in significant savings on your heating bills!

Protect your furniture

Safeguards your flooring and furniture against damaging ultraviolet rays, providing 100% coverage.

Kitchen Window Film Window Films in Kitchen

increased Privacy

Our films offer both privacy and peace of mind by allowing you to see out without worrying about others seeing in. This ensures that your home stays safe and secure.

Maximum safety

Our residential window films are an ideal choice for both patio doors and conservatories, offering added protection against break-ins.

Reduced glare

By using window film, you can reduce glare by approximately 60%. This will create a uniform tint throughout your home and protect your eyes from the intense summer weather.

It looks great!

With the use of window film, you can effortlessly and cost-effectively improve the appearance of your home.

Window Film with Deer Print Home Window with Privacy Film

Want a free no obligation and a no pressure sale quotation?

Contact us today by either calling 01322 522382 or using our contact page to schedule a visit to your residence in Dartford. Our expert team will provide you with professional guidance on selecting the perfect window film, and offer you a competitive, no-obligation quote.

Cannon Window Films offers a diverse selection of residential window films for homeowners in Kent, Medway, and London - including Dartford.

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