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Reduce the glare and heat in your home

Skylights do a great job of adding natural light into your home but it comes with a cost.

On a sunny day you suffer from glare and it’s just too bright. It also creates warmth in your room that is unwelcome when its already hot!

The simple answer is Skylight window film.

You still get the natural light but it’s filtered to reduce and even eliminate solar glare and it reflects the heat back outside so you room stays cooler.

Rooftop windows Skylight window film for London property

In the winter it also reflects heat back into the room. It’s a win all round and costs very little to install.

You will also reduce your energy bills; you will not need expensive blinds and its filters out harmful UV light. That protects you and your furniture.

We are skylight window film specialists with over a decade of experience. We have the biggest range of window films to choose from, great prices and fast installation.

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