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Keeping it private

If you ned privacy in your workplace you might be thinking blinds, shutters even curtains.

The best solution however in privacy window film. It is inexpensive last a very long time and you have many options and additional benefits to consider.

What is a privacy window film?

Privacy window film as the name suggest makes it difficult to see through the window and can be categorised as follows.

Privacy window film with lines pattern Window film for office meeting area

Reflective or mirror window film

Reflective films used in one-way mirror windows come in various shades and colors including copper, silver, and other metallic hues. The film works by reflecting the visible light that comes into contact with its surface.

This results in the window's mirroring effect becoming much more prominent than what would be experienced naturally with a standard window. Ultimately, this gives people who install such films greater privacy all day long.

For instance, during daylight hours when the light source is greater on one side of the window than the other, looking into your home or office won't be possible due to its increased reflective properties.

When combined with other window treatments, this kind of film provides an effective method for achieving all day privacy. It's important to note though that at night when there is any illumination from inside a room, it will become completely transparent.

Blackout window film

Our blackout film is the perfect solution for anyone seeking total privacy.

It effectively blocks out prying eyes and any light coming from the outside. With this film, you're guaranteed 100% privacy on both sides of the glass day and night.

Plus, it's made with top quality materials which ensures a long-lasting performance, as well as a neat and clean application that won't damage the film when being cleaned.

Perfect for offices wishing for complete privacy, light blocking or photography studios avoiding sunlight

Privacy window films on office door Blackout window film

Frosted Window Film

Frosted window film is a great solution if you want increased privacy day and night.

In daylight, a frosted window offers a decent amount of privacy; however, when the interior is illuminated in the dark, visibility may be clearer than expected. Generally, though, solid frosted glass is more opaque than patterned and should remain difficult to see through at night.

Frosted window film is also very decorative and can transform your office space inexpensively.

We have many privacy window film options and we cover locations in Kent, Medway and London, including Rochester, Chislehurst, West Malling, Bromley, Wrotham, Aylesford, Beckenham, Gravesend, Chatham, Longfield, Biggin Hill, Rainham, Meopham, Sevenoaks, Gillingham, Bexley, Dartford, Swanley, Kings Hill, Snodland, Greenhithe, and Orpington.

If you would like advice and a quotation please get in touch. We will come to you, show you various options and samples, measure the areas you want privacy film and provide a quick competitive quotation.

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