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Bromley's Professional Residential Window Film Applications

Our professional installation of residential window film can revamp the appearance of your home in Bromley.


Enhance the safety, eco-friendliness, and comfort of your private space with our expertly-made residential window film. This high quality item can be effortlessly applied onto your windows using a slim adhesive layer, safeguarding your home from strong heat and glare caused by sunlight, while also offering a 99% UV ray shield.

Improve the privacy of your Bromley home with this window film, which prevents intrusion and protects against unwanted prying eyes. It maintains your clear view from inside while concealing the interior from outsiders.

Interested in learning more about how residential window film can benefit your Bromley property? Contact Cannon Window Films at 01322 522382 to arrange a no-obligation free consultation at your convenience.

Save on energy costs

Residential window film offers both cooling benefits during the summer and prevention of heat loss in the winter for your Bromley home. This dual advantage is an affordable option that can greatly diminish your heating expenses!

Protect your furniture

Safeguards your flooring and furniture from the damaging effects of ultraviolet rays by effectively blocking 100%.

Kitchen Window Film Window Films in Kitchen

increased Privacy

Our films offer privacy and peace of mind, allowing you to see out without worrying about others seeing in. This adds a layer of security and comfort, ensuring your home is well-protected.

Maximum safety

Our residential window films are ideally suited for both patio doors and conservatories, offering enhanced protection against burglaries.

Reduced glare

Implementing window film reduces glare by approximately 60%, leading to a uniform shade throughout your home and shielding your eyes from intense summer elements.

It looks great!

With the use of window film, you can conveniently and cost-effectively elevate the appearance of your home.

Window Film with Deer Print Home Window with Privacy Film

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Contact us through our phone number 01322 522382 or by using our contact page to schedule a visit to your home in Bromley. Our experts will provide you with expert guidance for selecting the perfect window film and present you with a competitive quote to review, without any obligations.

Cannon Window Films offers a variety of residential window films in Kent, Medway, and London, including Bromley.

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